Four Seasons

Summer. The warm weather brings with it so much joy. It takes me back to months where the only thing to do was enjoy the 8 weeks of holidays till you had to go back to school. Days where all you had for lung was a tub f ice cream and it was acceptable. When you could actually just lie on the beach for hours on end and come home when you were probably burnt to a crisp.

Autumn. My second favourite season. I love the slight chill in the air. You could feel it either at night or really early in the morning just before the sun came up. Its also the time everyone on Instagram starts posting stuff about it being ‘Sweater Weather’ and listening to artists like Birdy.

Winter. Not the best time of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter just as much as I love the summer; but it’s just so gloomy. The grey skies make it very depressing after a few days. Its chilly and sometimes even rainy, and it makes me feel so sad and low.

Spring. My favourite time of the year. The air is cool but the sun shines through the day. The flowers are back in bloom and its colourful everywhere.


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