Colour Me Blue

It is the colour of productivity. It is also a very calming colour. It reminds me of blue seas on an island in the middle of nowhere. It reminds me of happier times whenever required. It reminds me of bright blue skies on a sunny morning where I bask in the light of the sun but at the same time feel a certain happiness looking at the white clouds against a blue sky. It also reminds me of dark blue dies on a warm summer evening with streaks of pinks and oranges at sunset. I can wear as many shades of blue in one outfit and still be able to wear red lipstick for more colour. My wardrobe consists of about 60% shades of blue, apart from the whites, greys, blacks and rusts. It makes me feel part of an all-black section but also distinguishes me from it because it’s just a different shades of a dark colour (if that makes sense). It is the colour of my favourite oversized sweater, trench coat and cozy socks. I love how the sea is different shades of blue at different depths. I love how the sky almost has a perfect gradation of blue when you look out of the window from a plane. It is the visual expression of how I feel when I come across a beautiful dress that doesn’t fit me well. It is the colour of his veins when he’s trying to protect me from harm. It is also the colour of his favourite hoodie I hijacked after our date at the movies because I was cold. It is the colour I try and find while rummaging through a stack of t-shirts in a store. If you can’t already tell – it’s my favourite.


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