20 @ 20


It’s my 20th birthday today!

I spent the whole weekend on a roller coaster of emotions and this is a list of 20 things I have learned and understood at 20.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with all black.
  2. Signature looks do make an impact over time.
  3. Navy blue is a lot more appealing than all the other blues.
  4. Relationships shouldn’t be the centre of anyone’s universe.
  5. I’m a lot nicer when I’ve had breakfast.
  6. Dogs are better company than humans at a stressful time.
  7. People change and that’s just something you have to accept.
  8. Moving away from home isn’t always a good thing, but it isn’t a bad thing either; you just have to find middle ground.
  9. Always make lists before going grocery shopping or you’re going to come home with at least 3 packs of pain au chocolat.
  10. Don’t let go of that little habit of reading one book a month. It doesn’t have to relate to your field of work.
  11. Don’t restrict yourself to one genre of music because it’s your ‘vibe’. That’s not a thing.
  12. You are never too old to get balloons on your birthday.
  13. Being friends with your ex isn’t always a bad decision.
  14. If you haven’t lost some of your best friends, you haven’t grown up.
  15. People don’t always think before they speak, don’t take everything literally.
  16. Books and movies you read and watched in your childhood are always a great source of comfort, regardless of age.
  17. Less is more.
  18. Sometimes more is good.
  19. Don’t depend on people as a source of happiness.
  20. As clichéd as it sounds; it does get better.

Onto the next 20!


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